Legal Tech landscape in Central Eastern Europe - subjective list (part II)

July 26, 2020

In my last article I have shared a subjective list of Legal Tech startups in CEE region, which are worth noting. It was not obviously an exhaustive list or a ranking of the best tools from each country, but rather an attempt to give you some flavour of what is currently happening on the Legal Tech market in CEE. Today I would like to mention about other Legal Tech vendors, which are in the forefront of the digital revolution of lawyering in their countries.



InteliLex is the winner of the 2019 edition of Global Legal Hackaton. The award seems to be well-deserved since the startup offers a solution to lawyers around the world. InteliLex works as an MS Word add-in, which automatically suggest relevant text instantly when you are writing a contract. Those suggestion are based on the previously drafted documents in your organization. This kind of solution is well known among developers and its usability is undeniable. InteliLex is a great quick win, which may be implemented immediately, does not require customization or long training.


HUGO Legal

The so-called “uberization” is reshaping not only transportation or food deliveries but also the way professional services are being rendered. Legal market has probably never been so competitive as it is nowadays and the solution, especially for young, independent lawyers are legal marketplaces such as HUGO Legal. It proved to be successful in Estonia, where it has already connected 25 000 clients and lawyers. The most innovative element of this marketplace is a chatbot, which asks questions about clients requirements and based on that presents the selection of lawyers. HUGO Legal has already started international expansion and entered Polish market in 2019.



Another interesting legal marketplace in CEE, which is worth noting is Avoteca. It has been developed in Romania and has quickly become a top collaboration platform for and with lawyers in this country. From the UX perspective its website is easy to navigate and beautifully designed. Based on keywords, location, expertise and ratings, client can easily find a lawyer, who perfectly matches to clients' requirements.

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Roman Koch

Roman Koch is an attorney at law and an in-house legal counsel, experienced in advising to international and domestic manufacturing and retail companies in Poland and CEE Region and financial institutions. Involved in international Legal Tech projects, including the implementation of contract analysis AI-based software in a global tyre manufacturing company. Focused on optimization of legal advisory and legal operations through digital transformation.

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